What Happens When VPOTUS Goes to Costco?

It was a momentous occasion in Washington, D.C. The District’s first Costco opened. The location is in Fort Lincoln and it brought quite a draw for it’s first day: namely, VPOTUS Joe Biden. According to pool reports, Biden walked up, flashed his Costco card and strolled through the store enjoying samples and shopping for items like children’s books, fire logs, a TV and an apple pie. God bless America. One enterprising salesman at the store even tried to sell Biden some tires! According to the pool report, Biden said, “”Hey man I don’t need tires,” he said “I don’t drive anymore.”

Naturally, Twitter had a field day. Reuters‘ Sam Youngman was thoroughly impressed with the tire salesman. He tweeted, “I have finally decided on my vote for Time’s Man of the Year: The Costco employee who tried to upsell Biden some tires.”

Plenty of others weighed in….

Politico’s Ginger Gibson saw immediate irony in this story and said, “This Biden going to Costco development is an Onion story in the making. Or potentially another instance where The Onion has fooled people?” Reality, in this case, was so much better than fiction. The VP of the United States was freewheeling around a large box store eating free pudding samples. The Onion couldn’t write something that absurd!

Before we got the official word of what Biden was buying, there was much speculation of what he could possibly purchase. TPM’s Benjy Sarlin had the best guess when he tweeted, “Have to get some turtle wax for the Trans Am.” Seriously, everyone was following this damn event. It got so saturated with Biden and Costco coverage that Roll Call’s Neda Semnani said, “BREAKING: Costco is underwriting Twitter and the White House Pool today”

Leave it to TPM‘s Evan McMorris-Santoro to tie the Obama-Romney lunch into the Costco story, though. He tweeted, “man i was really hoping pool report would say the Romney-Obama lunch was prepared by Biden using his Costco purchases.”

If you want a great blow-by blow of the event, NBC Washington has the whole tale told in gifs here.