Today’s Egregious Movie-Blurb Critic: Joel Amos

When we read the words – “The Best Comic Cast Ever” – we think perhaps of a Billy Wilder classic or something more recent like Tootsie. Never in a million years would FishbowlLA connect that sentence to a new release arriving on the weekend of July 27, 2012.

Which separates us from LA-based contributor Joel Amos. On page D2 of today’s LA Times Calendar section, in large white font against blue background, those credited words of flattery adorn the top of a two-thirds-of-a-page sized ad for the Ben StillerVince Vaughn offering The Watch.

As is so often the case with this sort of hyperbolic praise, 20th Century Fox has taken some creative license. What Amos wrote in his original review was that “It [The Watch] is close to being the best comic cast ever.”

Not quite as idiotic an appraisal as the PR folks on Pico Blvd. would have us believe. But unfortunately for Amos, still pretty close.

[Photo courtesy 20th Century Fox]

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