Jodi Kantor: First article back and she goes for the fluff

I’m kidding of course; for her re-emergence on the writing and reporting scene, former Arts & Leisure editor Jodi Kantor tackles the always-fraught topic of September 11th, which she reminds us is just around the corner. The article wonders aloud whether the date remains sanctified, the provence of flickering candles and hushed voices, or whether the fading “black circle around the calendar date” has faded enough to, well, do whatever we’d do otherwise. Which is a very real question, addressing the rituals of grief and the needs they fulfill, but I can’t help but wonder why it’s being posed this year; in 2004, September 11th fell on a Saturday, the quintessential party night of the week. Surely the question came up then? I remember being invited to a party that night; the East Village was crawling as per usual, the rooftop gathering full and, on balance, happy and pretty normal. It would have been nice to see that addressed because I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one who noticed that dilemma last year. In any case, these questions remain important, and the data on restaurant activity and Broadway attendance was interesting; life does, indeed, go on. More important than anything, though, it’s a good article because it makes you think. It’s just too bad about what it makes you think about.