Jodi Applegate ‘Lost Sleep for Seven Months’ Deciding to Leave WPIX to Have a Baby

Jodi Applegate left WPIX to start her family. The former WPIX anchor and her husband YES announcer Michael Kay have their first child, a two-month old girl. Applegate was a guest with WOR’s Joan Hamburg yesterday. She talked about the surrogacy route that was taken to pregnancy and her difficult decision to walk away from WPIX in December.

“I was thrilled to have [5 and 10 p.m. newscasts] and I really enjoyed working at PIX,” Applegate says. “But that’s a pretty hard schedule to do with an infant [and] a husband who travels.”

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Once her gestational carrier was chosen and the pregnancy was realized, Applegate admitted being torn between family and career.

“I lost sleep for seven months,” Applegate says. “I am not exaggerating when I say I tossed and turned about for seven solid months, right up until the moment.”

She spoke to the Channel 11 management about reducing her schedule, either dropping a newscast each night or taping some segments.

“My bosses tried to work with me… but the nature of a job like that is that you physically have to be in the building for all those hours.”

It’s a more diplomatic approach than Kay took before showtime on her final broadcast. He twitted, “@jodiapplekay is leaving because she wanted to do just one show in order to care for the baby on the way. PIX said it was both or none.”

FishbowlNY attempted to reach WPIX for a comment.

Applegate joined WPIX in October 2010, displacing longtime anchors Kaity Tong (now on weekends) and Jim Watkins (now at RNN’s FiOS1).