Joby Ori Tough iPad Case & Stand

A friend of mine has been using an Otterbox Defender case for his iPad. I reviewed this near armored case last August (Otterbox Defender iPad Case). It provides excellent protection at the cost of bulk (thickness) and weight. This, however, is an acceptable tradeoff if you really want to protect your iPad. This week, however, my friend switched to the $79.95 Joby Ori for iPad which provides what appears to be a good protective case (though not sealed like the Otterbox Defender) as well as a couple of stand configurations. The tradeoff for not sealing the unit is a much lighter and thinner form factor that still provides what appears to be a protective environment.

The Ori also has a couple of different stand configurations including the somewhat unique high video viewing configuration seen in the second photo. Note that it takes a bit of finger gymnastics to reconfigure the case. So, you may need a bit of practice before taking the Ori on the road to show off to friends and family. You can find the Ori’s product page at:

Joby Gorillamobile Ori Pad