Jobvite Lets You Search for Employees Through Social Networks

More companies are turning to social networks to recruit and vet potential employees, and Jobvite is offering a service to take advantage of this on Facebook and other sites including LinkedIn and Twitter. It gives employers a simple way to spread word of job openings through their own social networks and those of their employees.

Many companies have found social networks quite handy when they want to know more about a potential employee, but Jobvite is giving them a simple, organized and trackable method for actually finding those possible new hires.

One feature of the service allows businesses to send out emails to their employees, with a few levels of filtering to get word out to those employees that are most likely to have connections related to the available position. When employees receive the customized notice of an open position, they’ll be able to email the job to friends, post a link to the job on their wall or post it as a status update.

When emailing the job to Facebook friends, the Jobvite “Match for Jobs” tab filters recipients based on several criteria, including locality and profession. Those who receive the job will then be able to apply for the job or spread word to people in their network that they feel may be interested.

Jobvite can also place “mini career sites” on the pages of businesses using their service. Available jobs are posted in an application called “Work With Us” on the businesses’ pages, where those interested can click through to apply or post the available job in their news feeds. It also allows current employees of the business to post the app on their personal pages, including the ability to make the posting public.

An additional feature allows companies to build talent pools by searching various sources, including Facebook. Additional information can be added once contacts and potential employees are found; there is even a box that displays any public information from the person’s social network profiles, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. In fact, according to a company survey, Facebook came in second after LinkedIn, with 59 percent of companies saying they use the site to find employees.

After finding potential employees through the search, a company can select those they feel are the best candidates and send out Jobvites to the through the built-in campaign feature. This features helps track vacant jobs, who’s been contacted, and how they’ve responded.

Jobvite is a great solution for any sized company that wants to use social networking to seek out employees, but is unsure or new to the process. It’s also a good tool for some larger companies that are rooted in traditional hiring practices, as Jobvite offers some pretty comprehensive metrics and tracking tools that are easy to take back to the head of any HR department to show results.

You’ll need to sign up to see the 13-minute demo video, which is free, and the fee-based service is available for individuals or with a company license.