Jobsarium: CRM For the Job Seeker

Jobsarium is an employer relationship management platform that creates a framework for the process of applying for a job to help job seekers stay organized.

Startup: Jobsarium

Founder: Michael Mead

Launched: Jan 2013, Pivot March 2013

Based: Ohio

Searching for a job is a job unto itself. When Michael Mead was on the hunt for new employment, submitting nearly 100 applications per week, he quickly found himself disorganized.

“After getting frustrated with my disorganized state, I realized that something like a Customer Relationship Management system could manage all of this information for me,” he said.

So Mead created Jobsarium, which started as a simple spreadsheet and recently relaunched as an employer relationship management platform. In keeping with this idea, Mead says Jobsarium provides a framework for the process of applying for a job. The framework helps users track their application from start to finish, with milestones along the way such as scheduling an interview or being offered the job.

“Much like a sales funnel,” he says, “there are milestones associated with the workflow and as you move through the milestones, users receive email alerts with new tasks to complete the next milestone.”

Jobsarium also lets users create an employer profile to store contact information as well as documents such as associated resumes or cover letters. This essentially eliminates the hassle of digging through email archives when it’s time to follow up with potential employers; everything is stored in one place.

Unlike most CRM platforms, there’s no automation beyond the task reminders. Mead referred to the application as it currently exists as a minimum viable product — in other words, an app with basic features to help organise the job search. He added that he’s counting on the current users to provide feedback on which direction to go next.

Jobsarium currently has 100 users tracking more than 1000 jobs. For now the service is free but in the future Mead anticipates moving to a hybrid business model. “It’s a service for people looking for jobs so we want to keep it accessible for them,” he said. “Eventually we’ll provide some kind of premium service for other users.”

Photo credit: slightly everything and Jobsarium