Jobs Available For ‘Non-Basher’ Journalists

“When I look at stations like national Fox News — fair and balanced — the message they promote is violence and hate, not understanding. MSNBC, they make fun of, or bash, without bringing solutions to the table. Right now, our country is in decline, and our media has absolutely failed our country,” says 24-year-old journalism grad Mnar A. Muhawesh, whose MintPress news site has just launched in Minnesota.

MintPress may be based in Minnesota, but it’s got an international focus, covering social issues worldwide.

“We want to ask more questions about policies, social issues, how we can rebuild this country,” Muhawesh told David Brauer. “We’re not bashing the system, we’re covering issues — what’s worked and what hasn’t worked.”

Muhawesh’s site already has a staff of seven (six full-timers), a three-year plan for profitability, and unnamed investors. She plans to hire up to eight more staffers, especially ones who have “passion, [those] who went into journalism to make a difference. These are the people we call back.”

Check out the site at to learn more.