Job Seekers: What’s on Your Social Profile Can Hurt Your Prospects (Report)

Recruiters view oversharing, too many selfies, poor spelling and photos of alcohol consumption negatively.

Social has become an important part of the recruiting and job searching process. While companies like to manage their brands on Facebook, Twitter is where most job seekers go to research companies and their employees. Still, according to the most recent Jobvite report, recruiters are starting to understand the importance of cultivating an employment brand, as well as finding skilled, talented workers.

There’s a disconnect between job seekers and recruiters when it comes to mobile. According to the Jobvite report, job seekers are going mobile, but more than one-half of companies don’t have mobile websites. 52 percent of mobile job seekers reported starting their search while they were still in bed, while other searched for jobs from their current jobs and at restaurants.

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Culture is an increasingly important part of a company’s employment brand, with recruiters indicating that culture fit is nearly as important as previous job experience. What’s more, companies are planning to focus more on branding their culture in an effort to attract top talent. Businesses and recruiters are getting the word out on social, which is good, since nearly 70 percent of job seekers use social to research the culture of companies they’re interested in.

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Recruiters continue to favor LinkedIn. Almost 90 percent said they used LinkedIn to vet potential candidates; this is especially true for recruiters under 45. While LinkedIn remains the primary network for researching candidates, 43 percent indicated that they also use Facebook and 22 percent use Twitter.

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What recruiters see on social can and does impact how they view a candidate. Pictures with alcohol consumption, poor spelling, oversharing and posts about marijuana are looked upon negatively by recruiters. Even posting too many selfies can impact how recruiters see candidates.

For more information on efforts to increase diversity, how election years impact recruiting and the overall evolution of recruiting, download the full report.

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