Job Seekers: Watch Out For First-Offer-Itis

If unemployment’s running out and you’re sick of sending out resumes, you may leap at the first offer you’re given. But this can backfire, and sometimes it pays to look before you leap—no matter how desperate you feel.

The Wall Street Journal has the story:
“A real low-ball offer is a red flag,” as is a title that’s too low below your current one, career counselors warn. “People looking at your résumé will wonder why you were willing to take such a low-level position. They will think you should be more resourceful and able to find other jobs,” says Allison O’Kelly, chief executive of Mom Corps, an Atlanta-based staffing firm specializing in flexible employment.

A job offered too quickly should cause you to worry, too. It may mean that the company’s suffering from a lot of turnover and there’s something you should be aware of before you start.

More common-sense-but-easily-forgotten-when-you’re-broke wisdom: Always get the offer in writing, and be wary of any company that’s reluctant to answer your questions or introduce you to your potential future boss.

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