Job Openings Still At Lowest Level Since Records Began

Last month we said that the job openings rate was the lowest ever—well guess what, this month’s Bureau of Labor Statistics report shows that the rate is even lower, at 1.9 percent.

Yet that means that 2.5 million jobs go unfilled. There’s a serious skills mismatch in this country: health care’s hiring, but it’s construction workers who are jobless. (Or on a level more close to home: the Web’s hiring, but the print veterans can’t catch a break.)

Just like last month, most open positions are in education and health services (2.7 percent), professional and business services (2.7 percent), and food services (2.7 percent). Construction’s openings dropped to half a percent, even lower than last month.

Unlike last month, openings in government were higher than in the private sector, with a 2 percent open rate in all levels of public service.