Job Of The Day: Get Out Of Media, Go Work At An Investment Firm

D.E. Shaw & Co has posted three job listings on our job board that actually make investing sound fun.

The first reads: “Tired of Academia? We’re not your typical finance firm. We hire Ph.D.s in philosophy, MFAs in poetry, and former spelling bee champions. We offer brilliant colleagues, flexible schedules, free food, and no dress code. Plus, we have a supercomputer. No matter what you’ve studied, if you’re smart, accomplished, and willing to learn, you’ll fit right in.”

The second reads, “Tired of consulting? Looking for a stimulating career at a firm that combines some of the best features of a tech start-up and a financial powerhouse? Consider the D. E. Shaw group, one of the worlds leading alternative investment managers. We offer brilliant colleagues, flexible schedules, free food, no dress code, and freedom from PowerPoint. Plus, we have a supercomputer.”

They’re really pushing that supercomputer, hm? But hey, free food. Those bennies do sound a mite better than what’s being offered at media companies these days…

The third listing (no supercomputer present) reads, in part: “The D. E. Shaw group is seeking individuals with an extraordinary record of academic or professional achievement to join its rotational Associates Program…Although we welcome applicants with a background in mathematics, computer science, or economics, we are keenly interested in speaking with brilliant liberal arts graduates, regardless of major, who are open to the possibility of a career they may never have previously considered. We neither require nor expect any previous financial experience…”
Well, it shows chutzpah of them to post on a media board, but given the state of things, we wouldn’t be surprised if they got flooded with apps.

Would you jump ship for finance and investing?