Job Applicant Stabs Potential Boss During Interview

CommunityJournalismBLogFIWe cringed when we first heard about this story. What is this world coming to?

Jose Lopez apparently showed up to a job interview yesterday. Check that — he showed up drunk. The business owner smelled alcohol on his breath and you can guess what happened next.

The boss did what any hiring manager should do — he confronted Lopez about it. According to NBC San Diego, the job seeker got angry and then he started to get physical. A fight ensued and the boss ended up putting the suspect into a headlock!

Per investigators, at that point Lopez stabbed him in the arm before running off. He left his job application behind which was key for El Cajon police officers. The victim showed cops the paper indicating the suspect’s name. This, as you can imagine, was easily tracked to find Lopez’s address.

The job seeker was arrested in home later the same day and was booked into San Diego County Jail on charges of assault with a deadly weapon. As for the business owner, he was taken to the hospital for a minor stab wound.

Wow. We are still speechless.

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