Joanna Coles Discusses Cosmo

Joanna Coles GRefinery29 has published an interesting and thorough interview with Joanna Coles, the editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan.

Coles discusses a variety of subjects, and it’s well worth your time. Below are some highlights. Click through for the entire piece.

On critics who attack Cosmo for covering fashion as well as more serious issues:

I don’t understand why men are allowed to talk about sports and women aren’t allowed to talk about fashion. And, somehow women who do talk about fashion are taken less seriously than men who drone very boringly on about sports.

On how Cosmo maintains its success:

I let a lot of editors and other people we have on staff make decisions that I think they will make better than I will. It could be a visual thing, or matching a photographer with a cover subject. It might be about a big fashion story. [In those regards,] I would trust Aya Kanai, our fashion director, who is fantastic, or Alix Campbell, our photo director, or Theresa Griggs, our new creative director, because they are stronger in that area than I am. As a team, we are greater than the sum of our parts. Nobody can be great at everything.

Advice she thinks young people need to hear more:

So, I think you have to think carefully about the kind of life you want. Do I want to have a lot of money? Or, am I fine actually not earning a lot of money? Do I want to live in a city? Do I want to have children? Do I want to be married? Or, do I want to get some [other things] out of my system before I do those things? I’m so glad I had the opportunities as I did before I had children, because your life really changes. And, I don’t think there’s enough discussion in our culture about that.