A Treadmill Desk and Some Beyoncé Pedigree

New York magazine senior editor Noreen Malone profiles Joanna Coles

JoannaColesHere is a compliment that, post-Grammys, Kanye West can approve of.

At Cosmopolitan’s recent “Fun Fearless Life” conference, which New York magazine senior editor Noreen Malone attended in support of her profile of Joanna Coles, one attendee said this about the magazine’s current EIC:

“You’re my celebrity spirit animal!” said a woman with a large pink bow in her hair to match her pink floral skirt. “You and Beyoncé. Because you’re basically the white British version of Beyoncé.”

Praise that is a tad clumsy, but still, of a kind we imagine most white women – in the magazine business and beyond – would be happy to receive. Less successful in the schmooze department last November was the gal who exclaimed her dream job was the one performed by Coles. Whoops!

Malone uses the FFL conference as the very effective lead-in for her piece, appearing in this week’s print edition. From there, she tackles various other topics including top-left Cosmopolitan cover lines, subtle recent changes to the magazine’s editorial content and the benefits of a treadmill desk.
[Photo of Coles, used with permission: Chris Anderson/New York magazine]