Displaced Joan Walsh Mixes Up Fox News Hosts

Fox News hosts Brian Kilmeade and Steve Doocy are, in fact, two separate people but Salon‘s Joan Walsh mistook one for the other yesterday. All Fox News correspondents are evil and one and the same, right?

Hurricane Sandy forced Walsh out of her home in New York City last week. She wrote in a column Sunday that her five-day stay elsewhere was comfortable, so she “chose real suffering” in the last hour before heading home: She sat in a car and listened to Fox News on SiriusXM.

Walsh described her perception of that hour, hosted by “Romneybot Steve Doocy”:

“In Fox’s alternative universe, cheery Romney news alternates with feverish Benghazi reporting and furious Staten Island Sandy victims. Did you know that Sen. Saxby Chambliss almost single-handedly, well, with an assist from Sen. Lindsey Graham, is getting the FBI everything it needs to investigate Benghazi despite neglect and/or obstruction from the White House? I didn’t either. Where is Democrat Dianne Feinstein, Doocy grilled Chambliss. Sorrowfully, Chambliss allowed he just didn’t know. Probably out on the campaign trail. There was a hint that Feinstein, a favorite Fox Democrat, might have been muzzled by the Chicago boys. Just wait until President Romney takes over, we’ll finally get answers.”

Problem: It wasn’t Doocy who “grilled” Chambliss. It was Kilmeade. (The video of the clip is here.)

Walsh was forthcoming about her oopsy. Asked if she mistook Doocy for Kilmead, she said she did. “I was listening in the car, not watching,” she told FishbowlDC in an email. “I acknowledged I couldn’t ID one of the female hosts/interviewers because I never heard/saw her name; I should have done the same for that segment. I’ll correct and acknowledge, thanks for catching.”