Joan Kron is Still Okay with Plastic Surgery

At 84 years old, Joan Kron — editor-at-large for Allure and veteran investigative journalist covering all things plastic surgery — has seen it all. The New York Times reports that during her 20 years of covering the field for publications such as The Wall Street Journal, the Times, and New York, not many people get exposed to what she has:

She can often describe in stomach-churning detail the painful risks these surgeries carry, like the burns and nerve injuries that come with liposuction or the scarring that follow abdominoplasties.

Yikes. And some more:

There is something dark about the articles she has written. Doctors are murdered by patients addicted to plastic surgery. Actors stick to a strict schedule of treatments during Oscar season and friends steadily die on operating tables.

Kron herself has had three face lifts and Botox, Reloxin, Restylane, and Juvéderm treatments, so perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that she never wants “to be seen as an advocate for or against it.” But you know what? We were.

Thankfully though, Kron said she is done with plastic surgery. She did, however, state that “I’ve heard of women having their noses done at 90.” We bet those are some interesting people.