Joan Collins and the Great Banksy Hoax, Coming Soon to a Screen Near You

Earlier this week, we talked about a piece by the street artist Banksy getting painted over accidentally by a graffiti clean-up crew. We were fortunate enough to hear from the owner of the wall Banksy had marked up, Julian Chatt, in the comments section of that post saying the reports of the incident weren’t anywhere near the truth, that “the image is probably NOT by Banksy and I have never claimed it was” and was upset more that the city council’s clean-up squad had just wandered onto his private property and painted over it without his permission and despite his many requests that they just leave it alone. Really very interesting, all of it, and we believed that it would probably be the Banksy (or not-Banksy) story of the week. But then we ran across the upcoming web-only film/documentary, Banksy’s Coming to Dinner, which looks downright crazy. The elevator pitch is that actress Joan Collins gets a request by the reclusive, mysterious artist to have her throw a dinner party for him so that he can finally reveal his true identity. Only catch is the thing was all a big hoax, completely unknown to Collins and the other guests until the Daily Mail uncovered the truth. Here’s the trailer:

This will either be an absolute disaster of a film or the best thing you’ve ever seen — and nothing in between. We can’t wait to see it.