J&J Uses Soft Touch in Hispanic Web Push

NEW YORK Johnson & Johnson employs a soft touch to reach Hispanic consumers via a multiplatform campaign touting its iconic baby lotion and the benefits of a mother’s touch on an infant’s well-being.

A series of three online animated Webisodes centered on Johnson’s baby lotion are aimed at Spanish-dominant Latinas and will illustrate the health and early child development benefits of a mom’s touch in the mother-child bonding experience. The Webisodes will also provide ideas for activities moms can do at home to connect with their newborns.

The Webisodes, which are part product integration, parenting education tool and animated entertainment, feature the voice of Grammy winning recording artist and mother of three Olga Tanon as the voice of the mother.

J&J chose to take its message online for the initial phase of its Hispanic marketing push “when we started seeing moms going online in record numbers and really having an appetite to receive as much content and information about baby care,” said Lori Dolginoff, Johnson’s director of global communications.

With industry estimates putting the number of mothers who go online at 32 million, targeting women through the Internet was deemed “critical” as a means to reach Latina mothers “in a relevant and appealing manner,” per a company statement.

“We’re offering context to how our product can help facilitate important milestones,” Dolginoff said. “We’ve always been a company about baby and safety so as much information as we can provide for moms, the better.”

Of the 4 million U.S infants born each year, 25 percent are Hispanic.

Banner video ads are scheduled to go live starting today on Univision.com and BabyCenter.com/espanol with a new Webisode debuting about every two weeks, Dolginoff said. The Spanish-language Web portal TouchingBond.com/espanol, which offers mothers tips for bonding with their babies through touch and massage, will go live in early March.

Spanish-language TV spots showcasing the power and impact of a mother’s touch on baby’s healthy development are expected in the coming months, Dolginoff said.

Johnson’s also serves as a sponsor of the “Primeros Pasos” (“First Steps”) baby segment, which is featured on the Univision network’s weekday morning program Desperieta America.

The concept for the 60 second and 120 second video shorts was developed in-house by Johnson’s, with animation developed and produced by Animation Collective, a New York, Dolginoff said.

A corresponding marketing effort in English was launched a week ago featuring Emmy-winning actress and mom Mariska Hargitay of NBC’s Law & Order: Special Victims Unit as the voice of the baby in the webisodes, Dolginoff said.

“Moms who are English-dominant might prefer the shorts in English,” she said. “It was important for us to provide them [content] in their language of choice.”

The baby lotion campaign is the first wide-scale effort J&J has centered on the product since the early 1990s, she added.