JiWire Mobile Audience Insights Report: Brooklyn & the Bronx Dethrowned SF & NYC as Top WiFi Cities

JiWire provides mobile ads at WiFi hotspots in airports, hotel chains, cafes, cruise lines, and college campuses. They claim their audience consists of business travelers, affluent families and trendsetters. So,their data can, at best, be said to represent that target market segment. Given that caveat, they published an update to their report on insights to their mobile audience this week.

JiWire Mobile Audience Insights Report

Here are a couple of items I found interesting:

– On average, 30 percent are willing to travel more than five miles to redeem a mobile coupon

– 21 percent have redeemed mobile coupons in the past 90 days

– 88 percent of business travelers actively seek Wi-Fi while traveling

– The most popular mobile apps [in their population of “affluent” travelers], most of which are location-based, include travel, weather, news and social networking – The Weather Channel and Facebook apps topped the chart.

– Brooklyn and the Bronx were #1 and #2 in top WiFi usage cities dethrowning San Francisco and New York City (now #3 and #4, respectively)