Jinni Knows Which Online Video You Should Watch Next

Jinni LogoThese days, with the selection of online video content quickly expanding, it can be difficult to decide what to watch next. Jinni.com is here to ease the headache of deciding what to watch online, filtering out content according to users’ personal taste. Search for content by mood, plot, genre and more to find out what to watch and where to watch it. Looking for an award-winning, funny, action-packed romance? If it exists, Jinni will help you find it and tell you where you can watch it online.

So how does Jinni work? The site is powered by a “Movie Genome”, which assigns tags or “genes” to online video content based on mood, plot, genre, time period, place, audience, humor, style, and praise. Users can choose a variety of different genes and search for content that fits. Users can search in real time, narrowing down their selection by adding new tags as they go. For instance, I searched for a critically acclaimed, witty, offbeat comedy for the mind and soul and Jinni came up with the suggestions in the screenshot below.

Jinni Search Results

Once you’ve found something that you want to watch, you can click on “Watch It” to find out where the content is available online. Jinni will provide links to the content online for free, if available, as well as at paid sites. Jinni indexes a variety of popular online video sites including Hulu, links to the iTunes store and also can be tied in with your Netflix account.

Jinni also gives users the opportunity, when they like content, to search for more like it, in the same way that Pandora gives users music recommendations based upon songs and artists that they already like. Additionally, the longer that you use Jinni it begins to understand your personal taste and will create a profile of the type of viewer you are and be able to recommend content based on what you have liked in the past.

For now, Jinni seems to be geared mostly towards discovering movies and television series, along with a selection of shorts. You can find out more about how the service works in the demo video below.

Here at Social Times, we covered Jinni.com when they first launched in private beta in 2008. Since the site launched, the service has grown rapidly. Today, nearly one million visitors a month use Jinni to decide what to watch. Have you used Jinni for online video recommendations? If so, how did you like it? If not, would you consider using a service like Jinni to help you delve through the overabundance of online video content?