ABC’s Unnecessary Censorship of Jimmy Kimmel

We had to read a portion of this week’s TV Guide magazine interview with Jimmy Kimmel twice. Just to make sure it wasn’t some sort of gag.

In tangential response to the question, ‘As the ratings climb, has that given you more leverage?’, Kimmel replied:

“… Once in a while, we’ll have a fight over whether something is too obscene. One of the dumbest things ever happened about six months ago. There was a stick figure drawing of a naked woman, and there was a dot where each nipple would be, and they made us blur the dots out, which I figured was a little bit much for midnight.”

Heck, that’s a little bit much for daytime. Insane. Unfortunately, TV Guide LA bureau chief Michael Schneider did not ask a nipple-dot follow-up. Among our unanswered questions is: ‘Did this spark the writers’ room equivalent of an Internet meme?’

Seriously, this is the kind of thing any late night talk show’s wise-crackers would likely riff on for months. Read the full interview here.

[Illustration: Cindy Lee/]