Kimmel Twerk-Prank Makes This Freelance Writer Look Like a Genius

It’s the media stunt being heard around the world this morning. Everyone from Mediaite to Salon to the New York Daily News is applauding Jimmy Kimmel for choreographing a fake viral “twerk fail” video with the help of Hollywood stuntwoman Daphne Avalon.

But we want to shine a light on another LA lady – Desi Jedeikin (pictured). This freelance writer was among those who smelled something fishy and posted a solid piece on Smosh to that effect last week titled “7 Reasons Why the ‘Worst Twerk Fail EVER’ is Fake.” Jedeikin asked questions like this:

Why Wasn’t the Music Loud from the Start?: I’ll tell you why. Because the music being turned up was probably a signal to her accomplice. BOOM. Watch out Sherlock. There’s a new master sleuth in town!…

Kudos. At press time, there was no gloating yet on Jedeikin’s Twitter feed or a change of her profile to something along the lines of, “Talents include ferreting out fake YouTube videos…” But since all sorts of major media outlets were fooled by Kimmel and Avalon including CNN, The Talk and The View, this writer, who also contributes to, should definitely give herself a high five.

[Image courtesy @DesiJedeikin]