Instagrammers, Including Jimmy Fallon, Are Rushing to Try Out Hyperlapse

Hot app speeds up videos, offering new creative possibilities

Call it fast-food porn. Now that hyperlapsing is a thing, courtesy of Instagram, everyone’s videos can be seen at 12 times the normal speed. The Hyperlapse app is the latest gift to social media, allowing people to shoot footage at warp speed and share it on Instagram or Facebook.

So far the results have been fairly mundane—it’s the same old videos of dogs, cats and food, only faster. That’s not to say Hyperlapsing won’t yield some creative uses, just like six-second Vines led to a whole new genre of mobile moviemaking. And there is actually some pretty sophisticated technology at work in Hyperlapse, the second stand-alone app from Instagram. The computing power needed for such fancy image stabilization has not always been available in phones, and Wired said this is essentially $15,000 worth of editing technology packed into an app.

What are the masses doing with this technology, which caused #hyperlapse to trend on Twitter? Well, so far, Jimmy Fallon has eaten cake really fast in Hyperlapse mode. Here’s hoping there’s some genius who can put fast-motion to good use. For now, here’s a look at some of the everyday joys of life, only faster, starting with Fallon's first attempt.

Eating fast is fun!

Mandatory office run-through

Dogs are funnier when they’re faster.

The view from Foursquare’s NYC office is better when the cars go fast.

Fast bison crossing

Mandatory commute in hyperlapse mode