Close Encounters of the Jimmy Carter Kind

Here’s some Off-Broadway genealogy that’s hard not to love.

JimmyPosterInspired by the Wikipedia article “Jimmy Carter UFO Incident,” Isaac Hopkins in the summer of 2013 staged Jimmy! A Musical with Almost No Historical Basis at his theater company in Gainesville, Georgia. Tomorrow, the musical opens in New York for a one-week run.

From Hannah Pap Rocki’s item in Atlanta magazine:

Hopkins then submitted the play in a contest sponsored by the National Theatre for Student Artists. He submits plays so often that he forgot about the application — until he missed five calls from a New York number a month later. He finally called back and learned that he had won. Jimmy! was going to New York.

The New York production runs through August 16 at the Irondale Center in Brooklyn. There will also be a special pay-what-you-can matinee performance on the second Saturday.

Leading up to tomorrow’s debut, the NTSA website has been featuring interviews with various show participants including technical director Justin Fenniman, musical director Jacob Houser and production assistant Kayleen Peña, who talks about the Brooklyn sneak preview held last month. We also love the show disclaimer:

WARNING: Strobe lights and haze will be utilized in this production. There will also be peanuts onstage.