Jimmy Carter Library Museum to Receive Major Overhaul

While those who find it interesting are eagerly waiting to see how the George W. Bush Presidential Library turns out in a few years, with Robert A.M. Stern doing the architecting and Michael Van Valekenburgh taking care of beautifying the out of doors, those who weren’t the biggest fans of the former President or are die-hard Democrats who dislike anything to do with the man (or both), fortunately Jimmy Carter has come around to provide you with your own library to track. Carter has announced that it’s time for a major facelift on the Jimmy Carter Library Museum, which was built in 1986 in Atlanta. The former President will unveil the new plans for the building next week, on February 19th, which are to show how dramatically the library/museum will change. Here’s a peek:

Except for the existing replica of the Oval Office, the museum will be dramatically transformed. It will bring presidential history to life from 1924 — when Carter was born — until today. The museum, for the first time, will give visitors a behind-the-scenes look at the work undertaken by the former president and his wife since they left the White House to advance peace, health and hope worldwide through their nonprofit organization, the Carter Center.