Jimmy Breslin’s Still Bitter, Angry

0321breslin.jpgOver at Portfolio, Jeff Bercovici asked legendary columnist Jimmy Breslin what he thought of Rupert Murdoch‘s possible plans to buy Newsday:

“What’s the difference? […] What the hell do I care? The f***ing days are gone when you can worry about who owns what. Are people going to get paid? That’s all I care about. He’s a great newspaper owner if he pays. I’ve been critical of him. I’ve done a lot of stuff about him […] But that doesn’t mean my copyreader is supposed to go broke. You’ve got to be pragmatic on behalf of other people.”

As for current owner Sam Zell, Breslin says:

“I know he rides a motorcyle, don’t he? F***ing bulls****. If he’s starting to cut and it’s the first time around, well — the Chicago Tribune, you can’t cut that. It’s the most overrated newspaper in America.”

Crap it’s good to find someone more bitter than we are.