Jimmy Breslin: Clinton’s Experience Is Measuring Curtain Rods In White House


Cranky journo Jimmy Breslin appeared on Eldridge & Co last night (the show was taped in November) and, of course, had some choice words. A couple of highlights:

On David Brooks of The New York Times: ”The worst column I’ve ever read — but he’s balanced.”

On Senator Hillary Clinton’s White House hopes: ”Her experience appears to be curtain rods in the White House … she has no experience except being there.”

To her credit, the shows host Ronnie M. Eldridge, Breslin’s wife, gently tried to remind the curmudgeonly columnist that Clinton was twice elected to the United States Senate, adding, ”Did Lincoln have a lot of experience before he ran?”

Breslin, for once, didn’t have an answer.

(image via cuny.tv)