Right Wing Blogger Plays the Victim

After calling out The Daily Caller‘s Jim Treacher on his deceptive spin on a news story, he wrote in to play the victim.

In a post Tuesday, we described how Treacher wouldn’t acknowledge that he was running the spin cycle by tweeting that President Obama “Talks iPod on Radio as Hurricane Hits.” The radio hit Treacher referenced had been pre-taped and aired the day Hurricane Sandy hit shore.  We chalked the whole thing up to Treacher being blindly ideological in opposing Obama and noted that he “couldn’t make his way out of a right-wing box even if he were being chased inside by a left-wing State Dept. vehicle.”

While walking to a CVS in February 2010 Treacher was hit by a State Deptartment car, resulting in a broken knee. Treacher’s accident was covered by us at least six times in the past. He blogged about it at The Daily Caller and they sent out email updates on his recovery. Now, however, it seems he’d rather we not talk about it.

“‘HA HA YOU GOT HIT BY A CAR,'” Treacher wrote in a sarcastic email after reading our post. He must no longer see the humor in things…Though, back in 2010, just a few days after the accident, Treacher found it at least a little funny. FishbowlDC conducted a pretty lengthy interview with him about what happened. He could hardly stop talking and even threw in a couple jokes.

“Dr. Wiesel and Dr. Remington and everybody else at Georgetown University Hospital did a great job of getting me back on my feet,” Treacher said. “Well, foot.”


When asked if the incident would have had “more of an impact” on the news media if he were a liberal blogger instead of a conservative one, Treacher responded, “Please don’t say ‘impact.'”


What happened to the funny Treacher? The one we all came to know and love?