Jim Romenesko to ‘Semi-Retire’ From Poynter

Media blogger will launch his own site in 2012

Twelve years after starting his influential media news blog on the Poynter Institute’s website, Jim Romenesko is ready for a break—at least from a full-time role at Poynter. In January 2012, he’s launching his own site, JimRomenesko.com, and will “semi-retire” from Poynter, the Huffington Post reported today.

Romenesko will still post “casually” on his old media news blog, which will be renamed Romenesko+, and plans to continue tweeting from the @romenesko and @poynter Twitter accounts.

Romenesko told the Huffington Post that when his contract with Poynter was up, he debated whether to stay or move on to something new. “I went back and forth to renewing, not renewing,” he said. “In the end, I decided I wanted to go back and do my own blog, the way I was before Poynter picked me up.”

As for the new website, Romenesko described it as “more of a hobby site,” saying that it won’t focus exclusively on media news. Instead, it will be a “blog about media . . . and other things I'm interested in,” he said. He also plans to do more reporting rather than aggregation—including face-to-face interviews, which the usually camera-shy Romenesko said he hasn’t done “in a helluva lot of time.”

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