HBO’s Jim Lampley: ‘This is the first post-Twitter Summer Olympics’

As viewers ready their smartphones and laptops for this year’s Summer Olympics, should NBC shift the way they broadcast their games?  HBO’s Jim Lampley, the voice behind a record 14 Olympic broadcasts and some of the biggest boxing matches in history, thinks so.

“I was recently at a seminar on the campus of the University of Southern California to discuss the Olympics and television. One of the biggest points I tried to make was this is the first post-Twitter Summer Olympics, and there will be a huge effect, because we’ve already seen the degree that it facilitates person-to-person contact, particularly between athletes,” he said in’s latest So What Do You Do? interview.

“The energy of the [Olympic] village is now going to be changed from day to day by the waves of Twitter. It’s the most influential social medium, because of the spontaneity and the immediate wildfire effect it can create. A great lesson to us was watching the ratings for On Freddie Roach, and we discovered that over a six-week period that we could correlate increases in On Freddie Roach ratings to Twitter trending.”

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