Canned KLOS DJ Jim Ladd Lands at Sirius

There is sometimes life after unkind FM layoff. Jim Ladd, who was graciously afforded the opportunity of a farewell show by KFI AM 640 after being unceremoniously dumped from LA FM station KLOS 95.5, will soon return to spin classic rock for a wider, national audience.

Ladd is getting a nightly show starting in January on SiriusXM’s Channel 27, Deep Tracks. It makes total sense; Ladd is a brand name and has the chops to cultivate a broader, loyal coast-to-coast following. Per today’s announcement:

“I will be playing everything I want, from Pink Floyd to Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, from The Doors to Moby Grape, freely and with no play lists. As I have always done throughout my career, I will be choosing all my own music, creating thematic sets, inviting the biggest rock stars in the world, many of whom I am proud to call my friends, to join me in the studio, and commenting on the world around us by using the most compelling music of our time.”

“I’ll also be taking phone calls from listeners all across America and instantly communicating with my audience through social media networks to help spread the word that true free-form rock radio is back and more powerful than ever.”

Last month, Ladd told LA Times music critic Randy Lewis that he would “come through this [firing].” He was right about that.