Jim Cramer: Spitzer Is My Friend, He’ll Be My Friend After


Newsbusters has the story and the video of TheStreet’s co-founder Jim Cramer responding yesterday to the news that his Harvard Law School friend Governor Eliot Spitzer’s was involved in the Emperor Escort VIP ring:

”The New York Times reported on its Web site on March 10 Spitzer was involved in a prostitution ring and there has some speculation as to whether the New York governor would resign. Cramer pledged his support for his former Harvard classmate.

”’Eliot’s one of my oldest friends, so is Silda [Spitzer’s wife],’ Cramer said. ‘You know, look, I hope it’s not true. You know, I read it like you did — I hope it’s not true. And there were no rumblings. Someone earlier said there were rumblings. There’s no rumblings about this. Eliot’s my friend. So he’s my friend, he’ll be my friend after. You know, I just hope it’s not true. If it’s true, it’s obviously very sad. It’s bad.”

The Wall Street Journal’s Law Blog reminds us of Jim Cramer’s quote to The New York Times in a 2006 article where he said, ”Silda is Poised; Eliot is a Maelstrom.”

(image via nytimes)