Jim Cramer Is So Cool?


At the height of the dotcom boom everyone wanted Graydon Carter to head up their irrationally exhuberant start-up. Now, at the dawn of the business news channel wars, Jim Cramer is, like, the captain of the football team. Even Roger Ailes wants a piece of that media beefcake. From Business Week:

”Chances are, though, that Fox’s channel could end up looking a lot like CNBC, at least during the trading day. Hoffman acknowledges that Ailes — who ran the channel for three years before he left for Fox in 1996–tried to entice superstar Jim Cramer, whose high-voltage persona has helped boost prime-time ratings at CNBC.”

And, you’ll remember, on Thursday at the Gotham magazine party in his honor, Rush and Molloy reported that budding media mogul Arianna Huffington used her dulcet-Greek tones to entice the frantic CNBC host to blog for her HuffingtonPost.com.