Jill Lawrence Joins USA Today as Commentary Editor

She'll be on the lookout for op-eds.

Starting Jan. 4, Jill Lawrence will join the USA Today editorial board as commentary editor.

Lawrence’s relationship with USA Today extends back to 1996, when she first joined the publication. She was on staff until 2009, serving as a national political correspondent.

Following her departure, Lawrence served as a columnist and senior correspondent at Politics Daily and, later, national correspondent and managing editor for politics at National Journal.

By August 2015, Lawrence was once again writing for USA Today, this time as a commentary contributor.

This new role will find Lawrence largely on the other side of the opinion-making machine, responsible for selecting and editing the publication’s op-eds. “I’m looking forward to casting a wide net and highlighting diverse points of view on timely issues,” Lawrence tells FishbowlDC via email.

For those hoping to capture Lawrence’s/USA Today’s attention, “It all starts with a persuasive argument on an important topic,” she writes. In addition to always-appreciated timeliness, other criteria that can work well include “pieces built around new information, a novel argument, specialized knowledge or compelling first-person insights.”

“If you’re telling our readers something they didn’t know or hadn’t thought about in quite that way,” writes Lawrence, “you’re probably on the right track.”

As a member of the editorial board, Lawrence will also be part of the team responsible for creating USA Today’s editorials. One editorial that has never appeared in USA Today? A candidate endorsement.

Editor’s note: An earlier version of this post stated that Lawrence served on staff at USA Today until 2011. It has been updated with the corrected information above.