Jibe is a Website, a Mobile and Facebook App Rolled into One

Jibe Mobile covers three categories of websites that wer usually cover here in Rotorblog – Facebook, Mobile and Online Communication (You can see them as headings just below the Rotorblog banner). As such, Jibe Mobile is a Facebook application, a mobile application and an online communication website which offers various services that can be further categorized into; keeping media close to you, sharing and staying connected with your friends, family and other contacts.

To keep your media close to you, Jibe lets you explore the latest videos, photos and news on Jibe channels. It also lets you search multiple sites in just one click including Flickr, YouTube and many more. And soon, Jibe will also let you personalize your media channels.

Jibe also lets you share stuff anywhere you are, using your mobile phone or a regular PC. It lets you share photos, videos, news in 2-clicks using the Jibe mobile applications on your mobile phones. Aside from sharing stuff, you can also chat with your friends whether they are on their mobile phone or online on the web.

Finally Jibe also lets you stay connected with your contacts all the time. You can either start a conversation with several contacts or start a chat session in real-time with all your friends on your mobile phone. It also functions as a Twitter-like service letting you know what your friends are up to as well as who among them are online.

Now, here’s the best part. You can do all these things either on your Facebook profile, on your mobile phone or on your PC. But we told you that already, right? So, if you want to try out Jibe, we suggest you head over at TechCrunch before their invites to try out Jibe beta run out.