Jib Hunt, Creator of Lovely Things


That’s always kind of a nice sensation. You don’t know about someone you probably should know about, then you find an interview with them, you read it, and whamo, suddenly you feel like you’ve got a pretty good grasp on who they are. That’s what happened when we ran across this interview with Jib Hunt over at BigPerk. We don’t know how we missed his work all these years. Maybe we’d casually passed by numerous times, but kept forgetting. Whatever the case, the guy seems pretty cool, and has been responsible for some big projects, including handling all the re-branding for Virgin Mobile here in the US. But his primary gig is designing clothes, t-shirts mainly, and if he keeps the momentum going, as he’s already a growing name in L.A., he’s likely wind up being a judge on some “Project Runway” type of show soon.