A Drunk Media Gal Undone by LinkedIn

A little game of CV gotcha!

No matter what sort of complications you dealt with over the weekend at the Easter or Passover table, they are likely to pale in comparison with the Jezebel reader emails shared today in “Horrendous Restaurant Customers, Part 1.”

The incident that caught FishbowlNY’s eye is the one relayed by Nina Gray. She writes that after 16 years as a waitress, she served – on what happened to be her very last night – a pair of women, one of whom was obnoxiously loud about her sex life, increasingly drunk and prone to throwing french fries across the room to try and get the server’s attention. But this nightmare customer forgot the Great Correcter known as the Internet:

I bring the check and she announces herself as an editor at New York magazine as loudly as possible before leaving no tip and stumbling out of the restaurant. Out of curiosity, we looked her up on LinkedIn. Homegirl hadn’t worked at NY mag in six years. What a winner…

Kudos to Gray and her co-workers for seizing the CV day. Read the rest of Jezebel contributor C.A. Pinkham’s gathered terrible tales here.
[Photo: RTImages/Shutterstock.com]