Jewish Journal Story Becomes Center of Miramax ‘Miral’ Ad Campaign

Very interesting. Fighting back against allegations that its new film “Miral” is antisemitic, Miramax took out this ad in the “C” section of today’s New York Times, which includes the full text of a recent story by Jewish Journal “Hollywood Jew” writer Danielle Berrin. “Miral,” directed by Julian Schnabel and adapted from the novel of the same name by Palestinian author Rula Jebreal, has been under fire for daring to tell the story of a Palestinian girl living in the occupied territories. Berrin’s piece, published online last week under  the original title “Why can’t Jews handle ‘Miral’?” was audacious enough to ask “Why is it then that when a respected and talented filmmaker such as Mr. Schnabel says that he feels a personal Jewish responsibility ‘to tell the story of the other side’ he is reproved and not praised?”

Berrin’s original piece drew quite a bit of controversy in the Jewish community. But that hasn’t stopped her from keeping her argument alive. Earlier this week she published another piece asking if the film can help “prompt dialogue for Middle East peace?” Speaking strictly for this Hebrew brother, it’s refreshing to see such nuanced coverage from a Jewish publication. Although he’s pretty sure he’s got a few relatives back in New York who did a rage-filled backflip or two when they picked up the Times this morning. Sad.