Jewels With Buddies adds match-3 to “With Buddies” series

Scopely is expanding the mobile “With Buddies” brand with a new match-3 iOS title called Jewels With Buddies, now available on iTunes.

Jewels With Buddies is designed by Travis Chen (known for his work on games like Guitar Hero and Call of Duty). The basic mechanics work like any other match-3 title, where players match three or more blocks of the same color together and earn points. Also like other match-3 titles, players can utilize power-ups for various effects in the game like slowing down time or burning all the blocks of a certain color off the screen.

What could make Jewels with Buddies stand out from other match-3 titles is its multiplayer mechanics. Gameplay consists of three 60-second rounds where players compete against friends or random strangers in asynchronous match-3 battles. Users can create accounts within Jewels With Buddies in order to play with online opponents, or they can use Facebook Connect to log in and challenge their friends. The game monetizes by selling packets of the in-game currency (that can also be earned through standard play), which is used to purchase in-game items like power-ups.

The “With Buddies” series of games is built around multiplayer gameplay and has been somewhat successful with iOS users so far: Dice With Buddies was released in May 2011 and is still appearing in the top app charts in iTunes (it’s the No. 166 grossing app and No. 120 top grossing game), but Checkers with Buddies launched in August 2011 and doesn’t appear on any of the top app charts. The faster-paced multiplayer gameplay of Jewels With Buddies will probably make it more appealing than its “With Buddies” predecessors, and games like Bejeweled and PopStar! serve as proof that match-3 games are popular with iOS users.

Jewels With Buddies is available for in the Apple App Store for $1.99.

This article originally appeared on our sister site, Inside Social Games.