Jetpack Fighter: Hi-Rez Studios Launches First Mobile Game

The game challenges players to defeat evil robots by swiping on the screen to move their character and attack.

SMITE creator Hi-Rez Studios has launched its first mobile game, Jetpack Fighter, on iOS. The side-scrolling action game allows players to collect fighters and complete levels to defeat the evil robots terrorizing the futuristic Megacity.

In each level of Jetpack Fighter, players swipe on the screen to move their character, and can swipe their character into enemies or objects to automatically attack them. At the end of each stage, players receive experience points, money and any items they may have collected during the level. As heroes earn experience points and level up, their stats, like health and attack power, will increase.

Jetpack Fighter

Gamers can unlock new fighters by collecting the required number of Fighter Disks for each. Fighters can be upgraded by continuing to collect their Fighter Disks, and each has a special ability for use during stages. Users can also equip their heroes with new items to make them stronger.

As they play, gamers may collect item blueprints, and by collecting the necessary ingredients for each blueprint, can craft new items for their fighters. Players can also purchase mystery chests in the game’s store, which may contain items like Fighter Disks or crafting ingredients.

As players complete stages, they’ll eventually unlock the ability to replay stages on a higher difficulty, or in special modes (like an endless mode). Gamers spend stamina points to access each stage. This stamina recharges automatically over time, or can be purchased with premium currency.

Hi-Rez Studios plans to support Jetpack Fighter as a mobile eSports title, with the game including score leaderboards and the ability to challenge other players by replaying levels in a challenge mode. To be specific, players can challenge the ‘ghost’ of another player in a chosen stage, with the goal being to complete the stage in a faster time, or with more points, than the ghost. The ghost represents the opponent’s previous attempt at the stage.

Jetpack Fighter is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store. At launch, the game is available in English-speaking territories, but will be localized for additional territories going forward.