JetBlue Will Help Angry Voters Leave the Country

In one of October’s catchiest PR stunts, JetBlue encourages voters frustrated with next month’s election results to follow their instincts and flee the country.

The discount airline has emerged as a survivor in the industry despite some PR problems like the Steven Slater emergency chute drama, the pilot “panic attack” incident, and the usual union debates.

The company’s new “Election Protection” campaign, created by the Mullen agency, makes light of an annoying habit that seems to arise right before every presidential election: celebrities and other passionate voters publicly announcing their plans to leave the country if their preferred candidate loses.

Curious customers can enter to win a free post-election trip out of the continental US by choosing their party alignment (what, no Rosanne?) and their ideal vacation destination in JetBlue’s poll.  Lest puzzled readers think JetBlue is undermining democracy with this stunt, all campaign spots repeatedly emphasize the importance of voting—a message sadly lost on the 40-50% of voting-age Americans who consistently fail to participate in nationwide elections.

Our verdict? The campaign is cute—it’s safe and easy to mock the Polyannas (and Stephen Baldwins) who swear they’ll turn ex-pat if the guy they hate so much happens to win the election. The message may appeal to travelers looking for an alternative to the struggling American Airlines as well.

What do we think? Is this a winning stunt for JetBlue?

@PatrickCoffee Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek.