Jesus Daily Keeps Leading Facebook Page Engagement

Jesus Daily holds on tightly as Facebook's unrelenting interactive leader.

Jesus Daily holds on tightly as Facebook’s unrelenting interactive leader.

Facebook’s Most Engaging Pages

1. Jesus Daily8,284,7743,419,397
2. Mario Teguh4,626,9891,152,997
3. The Bible8,090,3131,044,350
4. Dios Es Bueno4,168,508748,217
5. FC Barcelona19,347,689728,335
6. Real Madrid C.F.18,619,269716,961
7. Manchester United18,404,548668,140
8. Justin Bieber35,136,420630,789
9. Terima Kasih Ibu2,817,160557,633
10. Jesus Christ2,937,587513,040
11. “MTV Roadies”2,881,392469,213
12. Lil Wayne30,591,477466,210
13. Mehmetcik2,473,199447,590
14. Nirvana12,363,752441,309
15. Joyce Meyer Ministries1,498,406435,050
16. Werevertumorro2,551,294357,981
17. Quedate otro ratito2,786,529347,693
18. Lady Gaga42,713,559345,254
19. Texas Hold’em Poker49,017,592343,610
20. Empires & Allies5,224,633343,205


Kicking us off once again, Jesus Daily will spend a remarkable 18th week in the first place. This time the hotspot conquers with an untouchable 3,419,397 interactions. Spending a second week two places behind, The Bible earns 1,044,350 responses.

Dios Es Bueno, Good Is Good, is becoming quite a competitor as it plows forward to fourth; 748,217 talkative likers makes it the page to watch in the coming weeks.

A page dedicated to Jesus Christ cuts the countdown in half by tallying 513,040 posts. It is another week spent in the 15th position for Joyce Meyer Ministries, and it is a 435,050 total that helps the non-profit organization hold steady.


Actually improving on last week’s success, 1,152,997 noisy fans on Mario Teguh‘s social networking hub give the Indonesian motivational speaker another excellent finish in second place. Terima Kasih Ibu takes a step forward to ninth with a thank you to 557,633 commentors.

In Turkey, Mehmetcik follows a similar pattern as 447,590 posts land the page in the 13th spot. Though the chatter has slowed considerably, upcoming show dates have Werevertumorro hearing 357,981 voices partaking in the conversation. The page hangs on in 16th once more.

While on the pursuit for 3 million fans, Quedate otro ratito is not forgetting the golden rule of engaging your current audience; a 347,693 comeback week puts the Spanish page in 17th.


An engagement competition is brewing for the European football teams, and as the season nears it is likely that it will only get even more heated.

FC Barcelona‘s leads us off, and their updates from training camp have garnered 728,335 likes and comments — a fifth place week. On its heals though, score and game updates from Real Madrid C.F. bring in 716,961 interactions.

Smartly turning the discussion in the direction of social networkers, Manchester United‘s seventh place finishes comes largely as a result of often simple game questions and earns the team a 668,140 total.


Seeing his largest decrease and making his lowest appearance, Justin Bieber falls four places to eighth accruing only a 630,789 engagement total. The hype behind the release of Lil Wayne‘s new album propels the rapper to 12th place; 466,210 excited users left a post on the page.

As we near the anniversary of their most iconic record, Nirvana makes a first time appearance in the 14th spot totaling 441,309 interactions.

After last night’s simply strange award show performance, Lady Gaga‘s position will llikely increase in the coming days. For now the singer has the 18th spot, as this week 345,254 likes and posts went on her page.


In the television realm, India’s “MTV Roadies” has another strong finish moving forward to 11th with 469,213 people joining the conversation.


Two Zynga games have the last two spots on this week’s engagement chart: Texas Hold’em Poker and Empires & Allies. The former engaged 343,610 social gamers, and the latter had 343,205.

Readers, did you find yourself adding your own opinion on any of this week’s most engaging pages?

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