Jesus Daily Is This Week's Most Engaging Page

From the most popular religious pages to your favorite sports teams, this week's engaging page countdown includes something for everyone.

The chatter continues on the social network this week, and we are here to track all of the hottest trends and pages filled with budding conversations. From the most popular religious pages to your favorite sports teams, this week’s engaging page countdown includes something for everyone.

Most Engaging Pages

1. Jesus Daily4,968,3271,950,938
2. Justin Bieber25,896,7561,563,224
3. The Bible6,829,799987,868
4. FC Barcelona13,261,801806,782
5. Manchester United12,437,179723,325
6. Real Madrid C.F.12,238,439698,007
7. Mario Teguh3,896,012657,683
8. We are Khaled Said1,170,619545,497
9. Lady Gaga32,796,613522,843
10. Jesus Christ2,327,594417,894
11. Necip Fazil Kisakurek889,465408,564
12. Dios Es Bueno!3,276,665389,732
13. LA Lakers7,768,662386,959
14. ILoveAllaah.com5,376,660354,311
15. Müzik Keyfi1,351,772331,239
16. Arabesk Rap1,620,644317,704
17. NBA8,326,518297,018
18. Barack Obama19,514,134292,818
19. Super Junior1,249,142284,874
20. Texas Hold’em Poker41,297,781281,771


Jesus Daily successfully climbs to the top of the pack this week; the extremely popular page tallied 1,950,938 interactions. The Bible is found not far behind as it moves up to the third position; 987,868 fans added a post to the religious scripture’s wall. Jesus Christ also takes a few steps forward as the page dedicated in his honor cuts our list in half; 417,894 social networkers have joined in on the conversation since last Monday.

Dios Es Bueno, meaning God is Good in Spanish, hangs on for another week as the page snatches the 12th spot with the help of 389,732 interactions. moves a spot forward as 354,311 thoughts were added to the page.

Popular Music

Justin Bieber posts a variety of frequent updates that constantly have fans responding. The page successfully nabs the second spot nipping on the heals of Jesus Daily with 1,563,224 interactions totaled. Lady Gaga slips a few spots this week, but the pop star still rests comfortably coming in ninth this week. Her page welcomed 522,843 voices to the conversation.

South Korean group Super Junior returns to our list as they land in the 19th spot; 284,874 fans added to the chatter on the pop group’s page.

Sports And Games

While the competition continues to heat up on the football field, the battle for the most engaging pages continues here. FC Barcelona scores this time around as it takes a massive leap forward taking fourth place. With the help of the biggest fan contest currently under way, the promotion has prompted 806,782 fans to join the ongoing discussions.

Manchester United hangs on to the fifth spot for a second week in a row; 723,325 football enthusiasts added a thought to their social networking home. Real Madrid C.F. takes a fall from first as it lands just behind Manchester; 698,007 interactions were totaled over the past seven days.

Go behind the scenes of this year LA Lakers‘ playoff run as their home on Facebook offers frequent interactive photo and text updates; 386,959 talkative fans helped the team land in the 13th spot. The playoffs have helped the NBA find its way to the 17th spot this week; 297,018 likers of the page added a bit of good natured sports trash talk.

Put your cards on the table at Zynga’s Texas Hold’em Poker page. The game’s social networking hub is currently hosting a contest giving the lucky winner an abundance of free chips; the promotion had a hand in the page rounding out our countdown with 281,771 interactions totaled.

Around The World

Turkish pages continue to enjoy a lot of engagement this week. Necip Fazil Kisakurek takes a bit of a fall as the poet kicks off the second half of our countdown; 408,564 people posted a comment on the page. Müzik Keyfi climbs up one place to 15th with the help of 331,239 buzzing fans. Arabesk Rap reappears on our list just behind Müzik; 317,704 social networkers engaged in the content found on the page.

Popular Indonesian speaker Mario Teguh slips a spot, but manages to stay in the top ten for another week in a row. The page comes in seventh with 657,683 Facebook users conversing. We Are Khaled Said comes back strong this week resting in the 8th spot; 545,497 fans interacted on the page.

In America

We finish this week by look at Barack Obama who posted updates last week regarding the tragedies in the South, and I expect the page to only skyrocket throughout this week in light of recent events. His social networking home finished 18th on our list this week.

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Readers, what do you think about this week’s trends in engagement?