Journalist Samples the Holiday Version of ‘Disciplinary Loaf’

Josefa Velasquez and Bill Mahoney for the Christmas party win.

PoliticoLoafCupcakesIn a Dec. 18 New York Times article, Albany reporter Jesse McKinley included as a side note illustration the full recipe for Nutraloaf, an infamous concoction that is about to be retired from the New York State prison system. As McKinley reveals this week in a Reporter’s Notebook follow-up for Times Insider, at least one group of people made use of that information: his peers.

Politico colleagues Josefa Velasquez and Bill Mahoney, for a Christmas party in Albany, used the recipe to create a cupcake version of the dreaded Nutraloaf, more commonly known within prison walls as the Disciplinary Loaf. As you might imagine, a dainty cupcake presentation could not mask the fact that the food, generally doled out to prisoners as a form of punishment, is ho-ho-horrible. McKinley was able to manage just one bite.

In both his original article and Notebook, McKinley touches on George “Baba” Eng, a former New York prison inmate who stresses that for him, the Nutraloaf was no laughing matter. Even when starving as a prisoner, the 67-year-old said he was compelled to discard the loaf rather than eat it.
[Photo via: @J__Velasquez]