Jess Cagle Talks Shop

JessCaglePicJess Cagle, the newly crowned editor of People and editorial director of Entertainment Weekly, has a lot on his plate this year. People had a nice 2013, but as Time Inc. prepares to be spun-off from Time Warner, Cagle will be steering the biggest ship in the fleet.

Cagle spoke with Adweek about what lies ahead for Time Inc. and People, and below are some highlights.

On keeping People’s newsstand sales strong:

I don’t know that you can reverse the newsstand decline. However, newsstand is incredibly important, especially for People. I will go from being not that concerned about newsstand to very concerned about newsstand. I think I can do it; I just think I’ve got to be focused on it.

On the new Time Inc. policy that will have newsroom staffers reporting directly to business execs:

I’m okay with it. I miss Martha [Nelson], because she was a great friend and boss. But I report to David Geithner, who is one of the greatest people in the world. I have a dotted line to Norm Pearlstine. They say maintaining our trust with readers is the most important thing.

On how People will maintain its popularity:

People still owns celebrity in that it is the most trusted brand. That is really important, and that has to be maintained. So you own celebrity by doing that. But there are new products we can offer. That’s the future. There are videos, other sites…