Jess Cagle: ‘I Never Clashed with Matt Bean’

Comments are part of intriguing TheWrap Q&A with Cagle and incoming People-EW president Rich Battista.

Our former TVNewser colleague Jordan Chariton, now firmly entrenched as a media reporter with TheWrap, has a very interesting Q&A today with Rich Battista and Jess Cagle. It’s the pair’s first joint media conversation since Battista joined Time Inc. as executive VP and president of People and EW, alongside the editorial director for those flagship brands, Jess Cagle.

A lot is covered in the conversation, including the value of celebrity weddings to People and the future of EW. Chariton also elicited some interesting comments from Cagle about reported clashes with former EW editor Matt Bean:

“I think that maybe I didn’t handle the transition as well as I should have and maybe I should have announced it all earlier… The narrative became: “I clashed with Matt Bean and he was ousted.” I never clashed with Matt Bean, I’m still working very closely with him in his new role because he’s working on native content and all kinds of things for Time Inc. with every brand.”

“He’s an incredibly talented guy, and I’m sad that I won’t get to see what he will do with EW because I thought he had fantastic ideas for it. But I need him in this other role and the company needs him in this role. And Henry Goldblatt is fantastic; he was at EW a long time, he really understands the audience and content, he invented the “Bullseye,” which is one of the most popular franchises that EW has. He’s already a great EW editor in his own way and he will be great in this role in his own way.”

Read the rest of the Q&A here.

[Image via: TheWrap]