Jersey Shore Cast at the New York Stock Exchange: Not as Surprising as You Would Think

Normally this might fall under the domain of our cousins at Fishbowl NY, but we have a small bit of media criticism we have to get off our chest. You see, the atrocious cast of Jersey Shore just rang the opening bell of the New York Stock Exchange, and the good folks at the Hollywood gossip/skin site The Superficial were rightfully appalled. They posted photos of the spectacle under the title, “This is Why They Hate Us,” and warned of an impending Situation-driven Al Qaeda recruitment surge.

It’s a funny post, but the assumption behind it is that the Jersey Shore cast has somehow sullied a venerable institution with their presence. Having lived in New York for several years, and seen the type of people who work on Wall Street, we can assure The Superficial that the reality of The Situation (wacka wacka wacka!) is far more terrifying. In five years, the whole TV-star thing will fade away and Pauly D’s dad will get him a job at JP Morgan. He’ll be on the floor, with the fate of your 401k resting in his hair gel-encrusted hands.

Snooki will be an IB running a strangely successful hedge fund, which will collapse several years later under a pile of SEC indictments.

Jersey Shore didn’t sully Wall Street, Jersey Shore is Wall Street.