Jersey Journal Staffers Protest Pay Freeze

For the second straight day, Jersey Journal staff members are protesting outside the paper’s offices. Their issue? Parent company Advance Publications wants to cut the staffers’ benefits and freeze their pay, the Jersey City Independent reports.

The union argues that since so many staffers lost their jobs in 2009, generating a cost savings of $400,000, “surely management can afford modest raises for the reporters, photographers and editors who work long hours at very modest wages to produce the news.”

Since there are only 12 editorial staffers left, a 1.5 percent raise would cost the company $5,000, the union said. But the company is pushing for an end to pensions, an extension on the amount of time interns can work, and a lack of raises.

To add insult to injury, Advance Publications charges its employees to park in the company lot—about $50 a month.