Jerry Springer Justifies His TV Show, Watches MSNBC

0221springer.jpgJerry Springer wants you to know that his tastes in television are highbrow. In a quickie interview with the Philadelphia Daily News‘ gossip column that he did right before giving a lecture at West Chester University about the effects of TV on pop culture, he claimed that he’s a Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann addict.

We guess Springer’s not a CNN man.

He also took defended his television show to West Chester students:

Springer comment[ed] on many of his past guests, including the man who, in a ceremony not recognized by the government, married his horse. Springer called that, “the stupidest thing we’ve ever done — but that’s the show.” The talk show host used the interview as an opportunity be self-deprecating about his role, but he also offered constant defenses of the show. After saying the show was a “circus” and solely “about outrageous behavior,” he suggested the reason people are more accepting of “little people” and homosexuals now is, in part, because he’s had them as guests.